Due to lockdown and Brexit the cost of materials have gone up.

This is due to a lack of staff and being unable to import raw materials. The lead time is 10 - 12 weeks from Full Payment


GBR Racks are made from the highest quality materials and designed and built to last.

All parts are easily changeable and profit margins are lower than what most successful businesses would consider safe. 


This business was born out of Passion and will continue to strive forward.

I am Proud to announce that GBR will have its own brand, UK designed and Manufactured Tubs
Coming Soon. . . . . . . .

GBR15                                                                       GBR20

Welcome to the Home of Great British Racks

My Name is Richard Deadman, I started designing reptile Racking and housing back in 2008, when I starting keeping and breeding Royal Python Morphs. My latest design of racking I believe is the best to date, and the easiest for cleaning individual shelfs which up until this design you either had to dismantle your racking or cleaning it as best you could, as far as your arm would allow.
I moved over to stainless steel in late September 2020, as previous Racks I had made either became little "leaning"due to the nylon connectors or rusted due to being mild steel -
Even if powder coated!
So I have settled for stainless steel with no powder coating, and a design where each shelf can simply be lifted out of its place and cleaned, and just a simply slide back into place without the need to undo anything, just remove the tubs and lift. A Design that is protected for copyright. 
© and Patent Pending
British Made Reptile Racking systems simply at their Best